RFLP baseline surveys

During the early phases of RFLP baseline surveys were carried out in all six RFLP countries. The results helped shape national RFLP priorities and activities while the surveys themselves revealed a wealth of valuable data concerning small-scale fishing communities.

As part of an exercise to highlight key baseline findings and to make the survey results more accessible and understandable by a wider audience graphic summaries of each survey have been produced.

It is hoped that these will help add to the level of understanding of small-scale fishing communities in South and Southeast Asia and act as gateway to the more detailed information contined in the surveys themselves.






RFLP baseline survey graphic overviews

Cambodia - Key baseline survey findings (3.3mb)

Indonesia - Key baseline survey findings (3.2mb)

Philippines - Key baseline survey findings (2.2mb)

Sri Lanka - Key baseline survey findings (3.5mb)

Timor-Leste - Key baseline survey findings (3.1mb)

Viet Nam - Key baseline survey findings (3.5mb)

RFLP baseline surveys

RFLP Cambodia baseline survey final report - KHMER LANGUAGE (2011, 2.4mb)

RFLP Cambodia baseline survey final report (2010, 1.4mb)

RFLP Indonesia baseline survey (2012, 2.1mb)

RFLP Indonesia baseline survey questionnaire (2012, Bahasa, 400kb)

RFLP Timor-Leste Baseline survey (English, 4.7mb, 2011)

Fish and animal protein consumption and availability in Timor-Leste (English,  2.1mb, 2012)

RFLP Viet Nam baseline survey findings: English and Vietnamese (2011)

RFLP Sri Lanka baseline survey (2011)