That's all folks! RFLP has come to an end

30 September 2013 - All good things must come to an end and RFLP has officially pulled up its nets for the last time. Read a summary of its achievements, lessons learned and recommendations here. 

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Making a difference: Stories of change from the RFLP

9 September 2013 - RFLP has made real changes to the lives of many it has worked with. Read a compilation of their stories here.



Case study: A tale of two patrol boats 

24 July 2013 - Two communities, two patrol boats. One regularly used to combat illegal fishing, the other left to rot. What went wrong?

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Lessons learned - Procuring boats for community use

18 July 2013 - Thinking of providing boats to a community for patrolling or other uses? If so, read this new RFLP publication first.      

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Publication: Community-based data gathering and co-management of marine resources in Timor-Leste

17 July 2013 - Community-based efforts have provided a wealth of fisheries data in Timor-Leste while reinforcing relations between fishers and the authorities.

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Case study - Introducing a more stable 12-meter wooden fishing vessel in Cambodia

17 July 2013 - Safer, bigger and more stable. Yet fishers in Cambodian coastal waters were unconvinced by a new design boat introduced by RFLP. 

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Case study - Establishing pioneer Fisheries Associations in Viet Nam

17 July 2013 - RFLP established Fisheries Associations in two Vietnamese provinces to give fishers a say in resource management. Read about it here.     

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Case study - Viet Nam scad drying pilot fails to take off

17 July 2013 - A case study looks at how an innovative new scad drier installed in one Vietnamese community provided less than satistactory results.  

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Complete list: RFLP publications and reports

RFLP Final reports

A step-by-step guide to building a traditional double-ended timber fishing craft of Khmer (Cambodian) design (2012, 3.5mb)

National Plan for the Safety of Fishers and Fishing Vessels at Sea in Sri Lanka (2013, 1.1mb)

Fisheries management plan - Negombo Lagoon (2013, 1.6mb)

Report: Enhancing Small-Scale Coastal Fisheries Livelihoods in NTT Province through Improved Processing and Marketing (2013) 

RFLP baseline survey results - graphic overviews

Minutes of 4th Programme Steering Committee Meeting 11th December 2012 (600kb)

Safety at sea assessment in the Timor-Leste small-scale fisheries sector (English, 1.2mb, 2012)

Mangroves and the coastal environment comic book (Bahasa, 2012, 5mb)

RFLP Sri Lanka newsletter SINHALA & ENGLISH (Oct 2012, 3mb)

RFLP Indonesia gender impact assessement (600kb, 2012)

Zamboanga del Norte coastal and fisheries resource maps

RFLP lessons learned: Post harvest, livelihoods, gender - workshop report (2012, 900kb)

User manual: Garmin GPS 72H (SINHALA, 1mb)

Manual of Good Hygiene Practice for Fishing Boats and Fish Landing Sites in Small Scale Fisheries (KHMER, ENGLISH 2012, 1mb)

Human resources development plan for the National Directorate of Fisheries and Aquaculture (English, 900kb, 2012)

The Good Fish Code - Better fisheries through co-management (700kb, 2011)

Glossary of technical fisheries terms TETUM LANGUAGE (800kb, 2011)

Glossary of legal fisheries terms TETUM LANGUAGE (200kb, 2011)

Chilaw Lagoon Fisheries and Environmental Profile (2011, 800kb)

Negombo Lagoon Fisheries and Environmental Profile (2011, 1.3mb)

Training manuals TETUM LANGUAGE (2011): Basic personal hygiene (1mb) and catch handling (1.5mb)

Report: Survey on small-scale fisheries processing, feasibility of selected fisheries
products and review of a selected fish marketing chains in Quan Tri Province, Viet Nam
(English, 2.5mb, 2011)

Income generation from mangrove rehabilitation : Full report (April 2011, 500kb) Two-page summary (400kb)

RFLP Viet Nam baseline survey final reports - ENGLISH & VIETNAMESE (2011)

RFLP Cambodia baseline survey final report  - KHMER LANGUAGE (2011, 2.4mb)

Review of selected fish marketing chains and arrangements in Quang Nam and Thua Thien Hue Provinces - VIETNAMESE LANGUAGE (April 2011, 4mb)

The implementation of accident reporting systems in Cambodia, Indonesia and Timor-Leste (February 2011)